About Me

Born on December 14th, 1989, Jacob D. Bacho has defined his life through dedication, adaptability, and service. Today, he’s a well-respected Engineering Maintenance Technician, actively contributing to his community in Erie, PA, and a committed member of the National Guard.

Early Life and Bringing the Dream to Life

Often remembered as a passionate sports enthusiast and a vigorous participant in school musicals, his early years immersed him deeply in diverse interests. After high school, he honed his work ethic as a line cook for several years before channeling his energy toward his academic pursuit in Engineering. Financial constraints may have stalled Bacho’s progress, but his adaptability and resilience led him on a new path - To serve his country by joining the National Guard.

From National Guard to Engineering

His journey in the National Guard has opened many opportunities, not only allowing him to serve his nation but also enabling him to realize his academic ambition. His role in the National Guard fueled his curiosity about logistics and systems and served as a stepping stone toward his job at Honeywell Smart Energy. Over a rewarding four-year stint at Honeywell, his observable growth and consistent productivity led him to achieve the highly-respected position of Maintenance Technician in 2021.

His commitment to his work also offered him the chance to contribute during critical times, with him working in NYC when the onset of COVID-19 began and being present in Washington, DC, after the January 6th riots. Despite his professional accomplishments, Bacho remains a lifetime learner, striving towards his bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering with a dream of achieving his doctorate someday.

The Creative Turn: Hobbies and Passions

When he's not wearing his work hat, he is equally at home with different skills. He has embraced the art of automation, welding, and fabricating and honed his machining and 3D printing knowledge. His hobbies reflect his enduring fascination with engineering and its interplay with history.

Bacho began 3D printing as an affordable and enjoyable way of advancing his design abilities. Hiking taps into his love for nature and places while restoring old machinery speaks to his appreciation for history and the grit required to breathe new life into rusted parts. To him, these hobbies are more than pastimes. They are an extension of his intellect and showcase the same dedication and perseverance symbolic of his character.

Serving the Community: Heart and Hand

Whether donating to the Catholic Church in Poland to help Ukrainian refugees or volunteering for community cleanup programs in his hometown, Erie, PA, he consistently maintains his values. His deep understanding of his privileges and an unshakeable commitment to contributing positively to his community have made his contribution significant and appreciated.

A Life of Dedication: Looking Forward

He is on the verge of celebrating nine years of service in the National Guard, a noteworthy milestone in a journey defined by genuine dedication and adaptability. Whether in his professional life or personal pursuits, he embodies the virtues of hard work, resilience, and civic responsibility.

Through his story, Jacob Bacho serves as a testament to the extraordinary achievements that come from ordinary beginnings. He challenges us to approach our lives with a heart for service, a robust will for perseverance, and a humble love for our community.


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