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Jacob D. Bacho, born on December 14, 1989, exemplifies a life marked by dedication, versatility, and altruism. Now residing in Erie, PA, he’s not only a revered Engineering Maintenance Technician but also a proud contributor to his community and a devoted member of the National Guard.

In his youth, he was known for his zeal for sports and active participation in school musicals, depicting a multifaceted character. Post-high school, he delved into the culinary world, refining his discipline as a line cook. However, his true aspirations lay in Engineering. Financial limitations may have impeded his journey, but his resilience directed him to a noble cause—enlisting in the National Guard to serve his nation.

The National Guard was a gateway to myriad opportunities for Bacho, fulfilling his academic aspirations while he contributed to national service. This chapter cultivated an interest in logistics and systems, propelling him to his tenure at Honeywell Smart Energy. His remarkable trajectory and unwavering commitment during his four years there earned him the esteemed title of Maintenance Technician in 2021.

His dedication allowed him to play pivotal roles during crucial times, including the initial phase of the COVID-19 outbreak in NYC and the aftermath of the January 6th upheavals in Washington, DC. A perpetual scholar, he continues to pursue his Mechanical Engineering degree, aspiring to attain his doctorate, all while maintaining his commitment to learning and growth.

Outside his professional sphere, his talents are manifold. He’s immersed in automation, welding, and fabrication and has mastered machining and 3D printing. These pursuits mirror his perennial passion for engineering and its confluence with historical contexts.

3D printing for Bacho is a harmonious blend of affordability and enhancement of his design skills. His hiking adventures reveal his affinity for nature and exploration, and his restoration endeavors of antiquated machinery illustrate his respect for history and the grit needed to revitalize decaying entities. These hobbies are reflections of his intellect, mirroring the perseverance and dedication inherent in his personality.

His life story is a tapestry of service, adaptability, and constant evolution. From his early diverse interests to his honorable service in the National Guard and his ventures into engineering and diverse hobbies, he remains an embodiment of dedication and continuous learning, with an ever-present zeal to contribute to his community and his nation. His journey serves as an inspiration, showcasing the endless possibilities that come with commitment and adaptability.

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Jacob D. Bacho
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